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Could you transform lives as an adoptive family or foster carer?


Are you thinking about adopting? If so, please visit the Solent Hotel & Spa in Fareham (PO15 7AJ), on Saturday 14 July between 10.00am – 1.00pm to chat to some adoptive families and social carers to see how you can benefit a child’s life.

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We are looking for families to adopt children for all ages, particularly age 2+ and are eager to talk to people within 50 miles of Portsmouth with any child care experience (regardless of whether its  personal, professional, or voluntary.)

While a spare bedroom is crucial, it doesn’t matter whether you own your own home or rent. In addition to this, your ethnicity, sexuality and marital status is not taken into account during the adoption process and therefore anyone can adopt!

Foster carers get fantastic satisfaction from improving the life of a vulnerable child or young person as well as top quality support, training, and around £165-£550 a week per child (to help provide for the child and can be put towards future savings).

For more information, please visit or