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Come along to our coeliac awareness event at Lymington Hospital


On Tuesday 15 May, Southern Health Foundation Trust and the local Wessex Coeliac Group will be hosting a coeliac awareness event in the main reception at Lymington Hospital, between 9.00am-1.30pm.

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The event will highlight awareness of coeliac disease, a life-long, chronic inflammatory disease, which affects 1 in 100 people in the UK. Signs and symptoms presentation varies widely and can include a change in bowel habit, anaemia and weight loss.  However, up to one third of people have no symptoms. Treatment is a strict, life-long, gluten-free diet. 

There will be an awareness stall where you can talk to those who have the condition and learn more about symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. Gluten free snacks will be available to try.

Shirley James, ward Sister and Gastrointestinal Nurse Specialist said  “During May the Coeliac UK Charity will be celebrating 50 years of helping people to live gluten free. They provide trustworthy advice and support, funding critical research into coeliac disease, working with healthcare professionals to improve diagnosis and fighting for better availability of gluten free food. Their aim is to ensure that, one day, no one’s life will be limited by gluten.”       

For more information, please contact Shirley James on 01590663289.