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Annual patient survey suggests Southern Health is performing well

22 November 2018


Southern Health has received the results of a national survey which annually benchmarks the experiences of people using its community mental health services – and the feedback is encouraging.

Southern Health is one of 52 NHS mental health trusts across England which participates in the research and which took place between February and June this year. More than 250 Hampshire patients completed the survey which saw Southern Health amongst the top performing trusts in some areas, comfortably above the national average in the vast majority and, for the first time, with no results in the bottom category.

Our overall experience rating from patients was 73% (above the national average of 68%) and, of those surveyed, 88% agreed Southern Health (compared to the national average of 83%) treated them with dignity and respect.

85% of patients agreed that care was well organised (three points higher than the national average) and 78% said they were involved as much as they wanted to be in agreeing their care (five points above average). 74% agreed that they had received the crisis care they needed in the past year (the average was 66%) and 73% (compared to a 67% average) confirmed that the Trust had involved a family member or friend as much as they wanted.

Chief executive, Dr Nick Broughton commented: “We welcome the results of the survey undertaken by our patients. Whilst we are continuing to work to make further improvements across our mental health services, this is a really encouraging sign that we are moving in the right direction and responding to past criticisms, for example, in terms of how we better involve friends and family in mental health care. There is much still to be done and our aim is to see a continual improvement in our scores in subsequent years.”

Nathan Clifford, a past patient with lived experience and who has recently starting working for Southern Health in the role of Expert by Experience, added: “I’ve been involved in a recent transformation project at the Trust which has been a real honour, not to mention having a very positive effect on my own mental health. For me, patient involvement goes further than coffee mornings and surveys, but equipping and empowering its people to bring their voice to the table right where transformation happens - and the Trust is really showing a tangible commitment to this. 

"Right from the very top, there is a real commitment to giving priority to the voice of patients and carers, for true co-production, and this is a really welcome step that Southern Health has taken and which I think is starting to be reflected in the survey results today. I am very hopeful that there are very positive times ahead, for both staff and patients.”