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Southern Health 70 years of the NHS; 1948 - 2018
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Statement by the interim Chair, Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust

Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust has completed its Clinical Services Review; a strategy review for its mental health and learning disability services as well as an assessment of developments in its provision of community physical health services. Further details of the review’s findings will be available next week. They identify developments for those services as well as their organisation and the overall direction provides for a dynamic and positive future.

In particular, the Board has identified the benefits of much greater inclusion of service users and carers in the organisation as well as the delivery of its services, a systematic quality improvement methodology, the greater integration with primary care, and much greater involvement of clinical staff in the management and organisation of the Trust’s services. These plans mark a turning point in the Trust’s life and the opportunity to move forward in a different way from the past. 

My colleague non-executive directors have offered me their full support in the development of the future strategy of Southern Health over the last few months. It is clear to us all that the Trust leadership will need to look quite different if it is to meet the needs of patients and service users, as well as its stakeholders in the future.

They have also fully supported me as I try to develop a Board with the skills specific to these new strategic tasks.  As a consequence, four non-executive directors* have this week jointly offered their resignation from their posts so that the governors can, with my help, recruit to the need for all five new non-executive directors. The Trust will also need to recruit a new Chair. I was appointed for a fixed term and plan to cease the role at the beginning of July or sooner if my replacement can be appointed earlier. I will discuss these matters with the Council of Governors as soon as possible and together we will identify the additional skills and experience we require to implement our new strategic priorities. We will recruit to these new roles as quickly as possible and I am grateful to my colleagues that they have offered to continue to serve and ensure continuity of Trust governance until that is the case.

I am grateful to my non-executive colleagues for their full support during my tenure as Chair and for their hard work in support of the new strategy and priorities.

Alan Yates

Interim Chair

Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust


*Please note: Tracey Faraday-Drake resigned earlier this month

16 March 2017