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Smoke free and slimmer, after help from local NHS Stop Smoking Service

Both Trefor Farmer and his mum Janet were delighted not only to give up smoking, but also to take up the offer from Hampshire Quit4Life - their NHS stop smoking service - to attend free local slimming classes, meaning they are now healthier and slimmer than when they were smokers!

Quit4Life and slimmer

They made the decision in March 2016 to support each other to improve their health, so went along together to see their local Quit4Life adviser, Peta White, at St Paul’s surgery in Winchester. Janet, 66, and her son Trefor, 42, who live in Winchester, had both started smoking in their teens and while they had given up before, life got in the way and they had gone back to smoking.

Peta organised stop smoking medication to suit each of them and the pair found it surprisingly easy not to have a single puff after their agreed quit dates. Janet said it was nice having a weekly catch up with her adviser and surprising to see how quickly their carbon monoxide readings returned to normal. Within a few weeks, Janet also noticed she was no longer wheezy and did not get out of breath so easily.

Like many smokers, Trefor and Janet had expressed a concern about gaining weight when they stopped smoking. Since teaming up with Slimming World and Weight Watchers, Quit4Life is able to offer eligible clients who quit with the service free vouchers for 12 weekly slimming classes, and the pair were keen to take up the offer.

They have both thoroughly enjoyed attending their local Slimming World classes and Trefor in particular was delighted to lose over a stone in three weeks. 

“I feel great and would really recommend others to see a Quit4Life adviser for help to quit,” Trefor said. “I play golf with far more ease, my taste is back, my fingers and breath don’t smell, my teeth are whiter and above all, I just feel healthier.”

Quit4Life, the NHS stop smoking service commissioned by Hampshire County Council, offers face-to-face sessions across the county as well as telephone and online support, see or phone 0845 6024663.