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Lymington Hospital’s acute care wards have been recognised as among the best performing in the country according to a national audit

17 October 2016 
Lymington New Forest Hospital

Patients receiving acute care at Southern Health’s Lymington Hospital can be assured of being seen quickly, diagnosed and on the right treatment well within the national guidelines after the Medical Admissions Unit has come top in a recent national audit undertaken by the Society of Acute Medicine (SAM).

Over one hundred acute hospitals across the country took part in the annual audit undertaken by the Society of Acute Medicine (SAM).  Each participating hospital was asked to collect data on admissions to their acute medical units on the same day in June – to gauge how there were performing against three key targets.

The data showed that 85% of patients admitted to Lymington’s medical admissions unit and Forest Assessment Centre during this period fulfilled all of the National quality indicators for acute medical units, the highest figure achieved anywhere in the UK in the 2016 audit. 




All three



Early warning score (assessment by a nurse) undertaken within 30 minutes



Seen by a doctor within 4 hours



Seen by a consultant within 8 hours (14 hours if out of hours)




Dr Chris Roseveare, consultant physician at Lymington New Forest Hospital said: ‘Although we are one of the smallest acute hospitals in the UK, this data demonstrate the high quality of care which is delivered by the dedicated team in the Forest Assessment Centre and Medical Admissions Unit at Lymington. People living in the New Forest are very fortunate to have this facility on their doorstep’

Dr Mark Holland, president of the Society for Acute Medicine, said “Whilst there is a spread and variance in what we are seeing in the results and some acute units are struggling, there are some fantastic examples of staff going above and beyond in delivering high quality care in acute medical units. Lymington Hospital has performed well in this audit, demonstrating quality leadership, staff commitment and the right processes in place to deliver high quality care to its patients.  Participating in the audit is a marker of quality in itself, one which many external bodies are now taking note of”.   

Rachel Anderson, Clinical Services Director for Lymington New Forest Hospital said the audit results are “testament to the hard work by staff at Lymington Hospital. The investment in the unit to deliver an effective seven day consultant service has paid off ultimately benefiting the patients admitted to the ward. Our patients are noticing a difference with one of our recent patients thanking us for the quick diagnosis and treatment of sepsis”