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Community Nurse and Practice Educator receives prestigious Queen’s Nursing Institute Award

We’re very proud to announce that Hannah Connell, a Practice Educator at Southern Health, has been awarded the title of Queen’s Nurse by the Queen’s Nursing Institute.

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Hannah has worked as a Staff Nurse and Community Sister for a number of years and in 2013, she joined us here at Southern Health to begin her role as a Practice Educator.  Hannah supports the transition of learning from the classroom to practice, providing assessment and guidance to staff across the Trust.  She also helps to run the preceptorship course in her area and supports teams with action plans following CQC inspections or serious incidents.

Hannah Connell - Queen's Nursing Award
Hannah Connell, a Community Nurse and Practice Educator will formally receive her Queen's Nurse title in May.

Hannah said: “I wanted to apply to become a Queen’s Nurse to mark my passion for nursing.  It is also really important to me that I can help in any way that I can to raise staff morale - hopefully this achievement will encourage others to apply to become a Queen’s Nurse and benefit from an invaluable support network and achieve the recognition that they deserve.  The professionals that I have encountered who are Queen’s Nurses are those that I view as my own role models because of the standard of the care that they deliver and the passion that they have for nursing.”

“I have always wanted to be a nurse – it’s more than just a job to me!  It’s my vocation and I cannot imagine doing or being anything else.  Nursing gives me the opportunity to channel my inherent characteristics and my passion into helping others and I’m so pleased to have been awarded such a prestigious title.”

Hannah is looking forward to receiving her title at the Queen’s Nursing Awards Ceremony in London in May 2016.

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Can I become a Queen’s Nurse?

All nurses who work in the community or primary care can apply for the title.  These include district nurses, practice nurses, nurse educators and lecturers, managers, school nurses, health visitors, nursing home nurses and many more.

Why should I become a Queen’s Nurse?

Not only does the ‘Queen’s Nurse’ title represent your commitment to high standards of care, it also presents you with the opportunity to link in with other Queen’s Nurses across the country as well as access to a myriad of resources, events and conferences.

How do I become a Queen’s Nurse?

Visit the Queen’s Nursing Institute website to find out more and start your application.