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Dean helps save lives by referring more patients to Quit4Life than any other health professional

4 November 2016

Dean Garrett has been given a special thank you from Quit4Life for demonstrating how easy it is for health practitioners to save lives by referring smokers into Quit4Life for help to quit.    

quit4life dean g

Dean, a Business Development Manager based at Tatchbury, is also a Physiotherapist Specialist Practitioner.  Although he practises for just one day a week at Romsey Hospital his enthusiasm has resulted in more direct referrals over the past six months than any other individual health professional.

Dean had heard from Quit4Life about Very Brief Advice (VBA) and the 3A’s (Ask, Advise, Act).  At the end of a treatment session Dean simply Asks his patient if they smoke and Advises them that it’s a lot easier to quit with help from Quit4Life.  If they are interested in quitting he Acts by printing off a referral form which histeam sends to Quit4Life.  An adviser then calls to offer support and explain the options available.  

In the past six months 20 patients have been referred to Quit4Life by Dean alone in this way, giving them access to the support that can prevent disease and premature death that is the fate of half of all smokers. These patients include a young mum with asthma who had struggled to quit on her own but succeeded with her adviser’s help, and a 64 year old gentleman who was anxious to quit before planned surgery.  He succeeded in quitting with telephone support from home and is now recovering well.

Dean says, “It’s so easy to do – we know that most smokers want to quit and just need the reassurance that Quit4Life is there to help them do it. Any health professional can – and should -  ask the question, ‘Do you smoke?’ and offer to make a referral.”