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Back to the 1940s for patients at Parklands Hospital during Dementia Awareness Week

Dementia Awareness Week - Parklands
Dementia Awareness Week - Parklands

Patients on Elmwood and Beechwood wards at Parklands Hospital enjoyed a 1940s themed tea party during Dementia Awareness Week.

They had enjoyed the Queen’s birthday party last month, saying how much they loved the 1940s fashion, food and music which prompted staff to put on a tea party with a difference for them.

Hosted during Dementia Awareness week, the tea party highlighted dementia and the impact it has on people and their families. The tea party benefitted the patients and their families by triggering memories through music, food and dress.  

One patient was delighted with the afternoon saying she “it was wonderful to spend the afternoon in the garden having traditional 1940s food – Battenberg, tea cakes, fig rolls and sandwiches.  The music and dancing was brilliant, it too me back in time and we had fun recalling tales from the past ”.

Julie Bowles, activity coordinator on Elmwood ward said “they loved it, it was great to see the smiles on their faces and them enjoying the food and dancing.  We enjoyed the opportunity to dress up and have a wonderful afternoon in the garden.  Normally after lunch they are quiet and often sleeping, so it was so lovely to see them enjoying something different and remembering the “good old days”.

These wards support older people with mental health needs, often including those experiencing forms of dementia.