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CT Scan (Computerised Tomography)

CT is a specialised form of X-Ray examination which uses an X-Ray beam and an array of very sensitive detectors. A CT scan is painless and normally takes between 5 and 30 minutes.

The scanner takes pictures which are like very thin slices of the body, these can then be manipulated to be viewed in any plane or in 3-D. The scanner itself is a large ring - Not a tunnel and not closed in.

Lymington CT scanner

Your GP or other health professional will refer you if you need a CT scan.

If scanning your chest, abdomen or pelvis, you may be asked to drink either water or a dilute barium drink in the hour before your scan. Some scans of the abdomen require a more specialised preparation – this will be explained fully if it applies to you.

If scanning another part of your body, no preparation is required.

CT scan patient information leaflet  

You will be asked to lie down on the scanner table, the table will move to ensure the part we are scanning is in the centre of the ring.  

You will enter feet first unless we are scanning your head or neck.

You may be asked to breathe in and hold your breath for a few seconds while the machine is scanning.

You may also require an injection of iodine, a solution that helps outline the structures in your body.

If you are allergic to iodine, or suffer from kidney problems, it is important you inform the Radiographer on arrival.

CT scan patient information leaflet  

After the scan there will be many images that the Radiologist will be required to examine carefully therefore results will not be ready immediately. The Doctor who referred you for the scan will discuss/inform you of your results.

Further information can be obtained by downloading our CT scan patient information leaflet 

Radiology Department: 01590 663113 

If you are unable to attend or wish to cancel an appointment please telephone the Radiology department or e-mail as soon as possible.   

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