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Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust Southern Health Covid-19 Service Changes

Lymington New Forest Hospital

Ampress Park, Wellworthy Road, Lymington, Hampshire, SO41 8QD  01590 663000
No A&E Available
No A&E available

Car parking is available. The following charges apply:

Up to 1 hour - £1.00
1-2 hours - £2.00
2-4 hours - £3.00
4-6 hours - £5.00
6-20 hours - £8.00

Want to know more about getting there?

Read the New Forest Bus and Train Travel Times Leaflet

Read the transport information leaflet

Our services  

  • Blood tests: We operate a walk-in service between 7.30am and 3pm, Monday to Friday (no appointment required). Alternatively, Blood tests are now also provided at local GP surgeries. To contact your local service please phone your surgery or visit New Forest Healthcare's website            
  • CT scanner    
  • Elective day case and short stay surgery
  • Endoscopy   - 01590 663310
  • Deepleap Ward - Stroke Rehabilitation Unit - 01590 663331
  • Longbeech 1 Ward - 01590 663420
  • Longbeech 2 Ward - 01590 663440
  • Wilverley Ward - Rehabilitation - 01590 663400
  • Medical Assessment Unit - 01590 663073
  • Frailty support team - 01590 663257
  • Inpatient therapy service - 01590 663464
  • Lymington Integrated Care Team - 0300 121 0471
  • Lymington MSK Physiotherapy - 01590 663230


Visiting hours

Ward visiting times are between 11am and 8pm. Two visitors per bed at a time please. If you would like to visit outside these hours, please ask the nurse in charge.

Please note, we aim for quiet mealtimes and rest times, staff will be able to advise when these are. Sometimes staff may have to ask you to leave due to clinical reasons, we really appreciate your support with this.

A car park is available for patients and visitors. There is a charge for parking.


Ampress Park, Wellworthy Road, Lymington, Hampshire, SO41 8QD

A cafe and vending machines are available at the hospital.

League of Friends
The League of Friends of Lymington New Forest Hospital provide extra care and amenities for the patients and staff at the hospital. Speak to representatives at the hospital itself, or visit the website here: 

There is a dedicated part-time Chaplain. 


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