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Fordingbridge Hospital

Bartons Road, Fordingbridge, Hampshire, SP6 1JD   01425 651414

No A&E Available
Fordingbridge Orthopaedic Choice
Fordingbridge Hospital Bartons Road
United Kingdom
Main phone number
0300 003 0806
Tier 2 orthopaedic traige service which  assessment and signposting to diagnostic tests such as x-rays, MRI scans, etc, and management of patients with MSK conditions Onward referral for surgical opinions to various independent and secondary care providers as well as other services such as podiatry, physiotherapy, pain management
No A&E available

Getting here

By bus: Fordingbridge High street X3


Car parking is free in the car park adjacent to the hospital.

Nearby longstay parking: The Bartons 24hrs
Number of spaces: 99 (15 disabled)
£0.70 /  hour
£1.40 /  2 hours
£2.00 /  3 hours
£2.80 /  4 hours
£3.50 /  5 hours
£5.00 /  maximum


Nearby shortstay parking: The Bartons (Max 3hours)
£0.70 /  hour
£1.40 /  2 hours
£2.00 Max 

Visiting hours

Daily from 11am - 8pm 

Protective meal times 12.30pm-1pm and 5.30pm-6pm


If you want to visit outside of these times please discuss with nurse in charge.

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