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Fordingbridge Hospital

Bartons Road, Fordingbridge, Hampshire, SP6 1JD   01425 651414

No A&E Available
Ford Ward, Fordingbridge Hospital
Fordingbridge Hospital Bartons Road
United Kingdom
Main phone number
01425 651414
The Community beds service aims to rehabilitate or re-able people to return to their own homes within two weeks of their admission/transfer, or where people are not able to return home to have undertaken appropriate assessment and liaised with relevant services to return to a final place of residence within two weeks
No A&E available

Getting here

By bus: Fordingbridge High street X3


Car parking is free in the car park adjacent to the hospital.

Nearby longstay parking: The Bartons 24hrs
Number of spaces: 99 (15 disabled)
£0.70 /  hour
£1.40 /  2 hours
£2.00 /  3 hours
£2.80 /  4 hours
£3.50 /  5 hours
£5.00 /  maximum


Nearby shortstay parking: The Bartons (Max 3hours)
£0.70 /  hour
£1.40 /  2 hours
£2.00 Max 

Visiting hours

Daily from 11am - 8pm 

Protective meal times 12.30pm-1pm and 5.30pm-6pm


If you want to visit outside of these times please discuss with nurse in charge.

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