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Voluntary sector workshop event

We are continually exploring ways that health and social care services can work more closely with voluntary organisations to improve the experiences of our patients.

Abigail Barkham
An example of how we do that can be seen in the events we hold with voluntary sector organisations, to explore opportunities for working more closely together. 

At one such event, the University of Winchester played host to an event where we joined with Age UK, Hampshire County Council and the West Hampshire Clinical Commissioning Group, and invited representatives from many different voluntary groups to take part in a workshop event.

On this page you can see all of the presentations from the event, as well as notes of what feedback was given during the workshop.

After some presentations that explored how health, social care and community groups working more closely can benefit patients, and what work is already taking place, visitors were invited to share their views. Discussions were around how some relationships are already producing benefits for local people, where there were opportunities to get it right, how successes are being seen elsewhere in the country and how we can move forward.

This kind of partnership working can be seen in action in the Wellbeing Cafes that take place in Winchester and across West Hampshire. They are events where older people can come along, get something to eat and socialise, and Southern Health also attend in order to give health advice and check on people's wellbeing, which helps build their confidence in managing various symptoms at home, and can avoid potential issues developing later on.

We will be working to increase the number of Wellbeing Cafe events that take place, providing more access for our communities, and tailoring the support provided. We will also be ensuring that we diversify the specialists who attend the meetings, so we include information on specific conditions such as dementia and diabetes alongside general wellbeing.