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Health and wellbeing strategies

As part of the Government’s new legislation on health local authorities need to establish a Health and Wellbeing Board by April 2013.

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The Boards have been set up to help improve the lives of local people by making it easier for health, adults and children’s social care and wellbeing services to plan and buy better services together.

The Health and Wellbeing Boards have set out how they hope to do this in a Health and Wellbeing Strategy. It explains how healthcare, health improvement and social care services will be changed to improve everyone’s health and wellbeing.

Over the summer the strategies for both the Hampshire and Southampton Health and Wellbeing Boards were published and the public and stakeholders asked to comment on the proposals.

You can read about the strategies on your local council websites:

Southern Health will have an important role to play in helping the Health and Wellbeing Board’s deliver their strategies and you can find out how we responded to the proposals below: