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Embracing uncertainty and taking positive risks

If life is to be truly meaningful we have to be willing to accept that those things we care about most, often have a degree of uncertainty associated with them.

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Taking risks to achieve goals

The word ‘risk’ can be a powerful and emotive word for many, (often in a negative sense). However taking risks is necessary to the process of recovery in order to live a rich and meaningful life. 

For example there is risk involved in taking on challenges that lead to personal growth. Take a risk: 

  • develop a new interest
  • try something you’re not sure can achieve
  • build new relationships 
  • act differently in a relationship
  • taking on new roles


If we are to live a life of meaning and purpose we need to be willing to tolerate uncertainty and take risks. 

That is not to say we become reckless. It just means that we should not get lured into a false sense that we can completely predict the future. 

The risk of not taking risks - the paradox of risk avoidance

There is also a risk in not taking risks. Becoming overly risk adverse reduces opportunities to achieve personal goals. 

It may also reduce opportunities to learn from mistakes, and can reduce self confidence and resilience and lead to over-dependence on others.

Take a positive risk

Don't be afraid to take positive risks to help maintain wellness. See if you can keep a record of the positive risks you take to improve your life.