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Your wellbeing plan

Taking the time to plan how you can stay well and what to do in a crisis can make a big difference. There are two main parts to a wellbeing plan, below are some of the things you can think about when creating yours:

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Part 1 - Maximise your wellbeing

  • What helps me stay well?

  • Are there things it is helpful to do each day?

  • What can I do to build positive experiences?

    Think about...

Social activities
Creative activities
Learning activities
Self-care activities
Future goals

Part 2 - Managing difficulties

  • How will I keep on track?

  • What might hold me back or get in the way?

  • How will I manage these hurdles?

  • Think about what the roadblocks might be, and
    What skills you might use to overcome them?

  • What helpful things can I say to myself when things feel difficult?

  • What support and resources can I use to help me?
    (own strengths, handouts/books/CDs/websites, family, friends, services)