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Developing self-awareness

It's important to develop an awareness of early warning signs of setbacks and relapse to be able respond effectively and maintain wellbeing.

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Develop self awareness

Recognise early warning signs

Identify common signs that may progress to a setback or relapse and develop a threshold, so you can categorise signs that require action to be taken.

We've gathered some common examples of early warning signs. Print these examples to help you start your own early warning worksheet.

Use self-monitoring activities

Use diaries and self-monitoring tools to become more objective about your experiences and progress towards recovery

You might find it useful to monitor:

  • Engagement in meaningful activities/Progress towards goals
  • Use of & effectiveness of coping strategies
  • Experiences, emotions, thoughts, bodily sensations, behaviour
  • Beliefs, rules & assumptions about life and recovery

Practice Mindfulness

Be more aware of what is happening now, in the moment. 

I.e. do we try and avoid, suppress or control certain experiences, or do we get caught up with certain trains of thought or assumptions.

Once we are aware of our reactions we also become more aware of alternative ways of relating to our experiences e.g a more accepting, non-judgemental, and observing relationship.  

Mindfulness can be practiced through formal meditation, mindfulness exercises or through applying mindfulness principles to the moments of our daily lives.

Make sense of experiences

Learn to understand why you are feeling the way you do.

Some find a psychiatric diagnosis helpful, knowing you feel a certain way because of a condition.

Others may prefer a psychological explanation, trying to understand and normalise why this problem came about.

Others may make sense of their experiences through interpreting them through spiritual, cultural or existential beliefs. 

Its important to find a way that makes sense to you.

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