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Help with crisis planning

These questions will help you to think about how you can plan for times when you may become more unwell or experience crisis.

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What circumstances/things tend to lead towards a deterioration in my mental health?

  • Things that I tend to experience as things get worse

  • Things that I tend to think/believe…

  • Things that I tend to do/say…

  • Things that I stop doing or do less of….

  • Things that I might hear/see…

  • Changes in me that family and friends might notice...

  • How does this impact on where I live?

What tends to help, has helped in the past (be as specific and detailed as possible)?

  • Things that I can do…
  • Things that I can say to myself….
  • People that I can talk to or be with….
  • Medication that I can take….
  • Places that I can go….
  • Skills that I have learned in therapy/groups

What can family and friends do that is helpful?

  • Think about specific ways they might be able to help

What can members of your care team do that is helpful?

  • How does this fit in with your long-term goals?

If you have been in hospital before, what has been positive or helpful about that experience?

  • What aspects have been negative or unhelpful?