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Personal experiences

Many service users in Hampshire have expressed positive experiences from developing a WRAP

Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP)

“To me WRAP is very empowering – it is like having a mental thermostat and leads to better self awareness too. I have been able to take control for the first time in my life” - Sarah (2007)

“I have been using WRAP for 18 months now and have found that it helps me to understand more about my illness and the way that I act.” - Sharon – WRAP Facilitator SUN Fareham and Gosport (2009)

“One of the greatest things that has resulted from creating my own personal WRAP is that I have greater understanding of myself. This understanding has made it possible for me to develop action plans which have helped me over and over again to maintain my wellness” - Amanda HAPUN – Havant and Petersfield User Network (2009)

"WRAP has given me valuable insight in to my triggers as I did not realise I had any. However, more importantly it has provided me with a way to action plan and thereby given me the tools to fight back!" Mary (2012)


"I was a cynic about WRAP. I originally thought that it was just one more IN fad. However I was amazed at how much power, insight and ultimately tools the document gave me. I now believe in the WRAP to the extent that I facilitate WRAP groups" Mary (2012)


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