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Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP)

The Recovery College is proud to be delivering WRAP in Hampshire. For more details about the courses we offer please view the prospectus and timetableWe look forward to seeing you on your next course.

Recovery College WRAP
WRAP - The Recovery College

In 2013 the WRAP team (SHFT) attended some excellent training delivered by the Copeland Centre, USA. The aim of this training was to update the team’s skills and knowledge of WRAP to ensure that we were working in line with the evidence based WRAP program. The Copeland Centre were very impressed by the work that we had been doing in Hampshire and they have continued to support us.

As a result it has been decided by the commissioners and WRAP team to align the training with the Copeland Centre for the following reasons:

  • It will fully support the new evidence base for WRAP
  • It will allow us to offer an accredited course
  • It will increase WRAP facilitator’s skills and knowledge base 
  • It will offer WRAP in an educational style supporting the Recovery College ethos
  • It will increase the number of people who can access WRAP
  • It will support recent service changes
  • There will be a future opportunity to become a 'Centre of Excellence'
  • It will enable all trained to access the worldwide WRAP network