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If you'd like to enrol with the Recovery College
please fill out the form below.

We also have a termly timetable which you can download to find out when and where we are running the courses.

You can also get in touch with us if you would like to find out more about the college and our courses. 

We are currently experiencing a delay in processing online enrolments and taking phone calls due to staff shortages. If you have not received an email or letter confirming your booking on a course or enrolment please give it time before contacting us.

If you can, at this time please only book courses for January and February 2018. Then from the 1st of February 2018 we should be fully staffed again and will be able to book you for courses up until the end of Term 2 in April 2018.

We appreciate your patience and cooperation during these exceptional circumstances.
Updated - 14th December 2017

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The Recovery College is committed to supporting all our students. If you have a specific learning difficulty (e.g. dyslexia) or have sensory or mobility needs that you think the Recovery College tutors should be aware of, please let us know:
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The College would like to send you course reminders & notification of course cancellations via text message.
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All the information you've supplied will be treated in the strictest confidence, in accordance with NHS information governance. 
We look forward to seeing you at the College soon.
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