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Falls advice

What to do if you have a fall

All falls should be treated seriously. Always contact your GP as soon as possible.

Falls advice

If you do fall:

Call for help
  • Use your pendant alarm, if you have one

  • Shout for help

  • Bang on the wall, you can use a shoe or other object

  • Crawl to a telephone

Keep warm
  • Reach for something to cover yourself

  • Try to move out of draughts

  • Move away from direct heat, eg. fires and radiators

Keep moving
  • Roll from side to side if possible

  • Move arms and legs if you can

  • Avoid staying in one position, you may get cold and suffer from pressure sores

Move to a soft surface
  • If you fall on a hard floor try to move to a carpeted area

Keep as comfortable as possible
  • If you need to empty your bladder, use a newspaper or item of clothing to soak up the wet and try to move away from the wet area

Preventing falls


  • Bad footwear such as old slippers, high heels, worn out shoes

  • Clothes that may trip you up, such as a long nightdresses 

  • Leaving objects on stairs or in walkways, including trailing flexes and cables 

  • Poor lighting – keep a torch by the bed 

  • Worn carpets and loose rugs – tape down edges or remove rugs completely 

  • Avoid climbing stairs if you don’t feel safe on them

Make sure you:

  • Take regular exercise to remain supple and to keep muscles strong

  • Get up from chairs and your bed slowly 

  • Don’t rush to answer the telephone or door – inform people you may take longer, have the phone near your chair, install another phone upstairs 

  • Have regular eye tests 

  • Minimise bending or climbing never climb on chairs or tables – keep regularly used items at an easy level to reach 

  • Consult your doctor if you find that any prescribed medicine is making you dizzy – but don’t stop taking the medicine before consulting your doctor 

  • Ask for an assessment from an Occupational Therapist who can advise on safety around the home.