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How to live well until you die

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Have you ever had a discussion with your family about dying? Have you ever discussed whether you would like a big, extravagant funeral or a quiet understated affair? What about those really important things you want to see, say or do in this lifetime? Have you ever thought about organ donation or how you can ensure that you are able to get to favourite café regardless of how ill you become?

Everyone will die, but we often shy away from talking about the subject and for many people it is still taboo. 

In order to support people we encourage open discussions about what the person’s wishes, dreams, preferences and aspirations are going forward. Some of this involves discussions about their healthcare preferences such as whether they want to have certain types of treatment, whether they would like to remain at home or whether they want to be resuscitated. 

Our staff are committed to supporting people making these decisions so that their wishes can be clearly shared with whoever looks after the person. 

We plan people’s care based on their goals and priorities which could be something as simple as having their dog with them or wanting to see a particular place. We can also help to discuss these difficult issues with a spouse, children and wider family. 

At Southern Health we work to help you live well until you die. As a community provider, our staff are ideally placed to help support, co-ordinate and plan care for patients that reflects their wishes and their local networks. We can help you with getting the information you might need to write your will, or put you in contact with your local hospice. And when the time comes we can help you die where you want to, wherever you feel most comfortable. 

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