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Stopping smoking - advice for  young people and families

Smoking is bad for your health and increases your risk of getting many serious diseases.

Get help to stop smoking

Your skin will age prematurely causing wrinkles, dull eyes and complexion. Cigarette smoke can also make your mouth and clothes smell.

When you smoke, it's not just your health that is at risk, but the health of anyone around you who breathes in cigarette smoke including pets.

Breathing in this secondary smoke is known as passive smoking, or secondary smoking. Children are at particular risk from the effects of passive smoking and are at an increased risk of developing chest infections, ear infections and asthma.

Babies who are exposed to cigarette smoke are also at a greater risk of sudden infant death syndrome (also known as cot death). 

For more information and for help with giving up smoking please contact Quit4Life

Working in partnership

School Nurses work in partnership with Quit4Life to reduce the impact of smoking on children, young people and families.

For more information and help with giving up smoking, contact Quit4Life.

Useful websites

10 health benefits of stopping smoking (NHS Choices)

Under 18's guide to quitting (NHS Choices)

Smokefree - information, support and resources

Smokefree Homes - (Hampshire County Council) Tips on making your home smokefree

Resources for schools

Step Out Smokefree Homes Toolkit (Hampshire County Council)