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Sexual health

Sexual Health is a very personal matter and the more facts that young people know about it the better.

Sexual health - teenage boy and girl at school

It is important for young people to have the right information about how to look after themselves, how to stay safe and make the right health choices. However there is so much information available it can be confusing as to where to go to for advice.

There are many websites that can offer sexual health information however sometimes it is important to speak to someone individually.

Your School Nurse , GP or Specialist sexual health workers are able to give advice, information and support. All health professionals are bound by the same confidentiality rules which means that a young person can talk ‘in confidence’ (even if they are under 16) and the health professional will not talk about what they have said to other people or to their school.

If the health professional is concerned about a child or young person’s safety they have a duty to tell somebody else however they will tell the young person if they need to do this. 

Health professionals will encourage young people to talk to their parents if possible and will sometimes help them to do so.