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Daytime wetting and soiling

Daytime wetting

Daytime wetting can occur due to a number of reasons and therefore, it is important to seek help or advice to resolve the problem.

Causes can sometimes include;

  • constipation – when the bowel is over full, it can press on the bladder, causing it to leak urine into underwear.
  • bladder infections
  • an overactive bladder
  • stress or anxiety

Your GP will be able to check whether your child has an infection or another cause for their wetting.

Constipation and soiling

Constipation and soiling can cause children and their family’s considerable stress, however it can be easily treated.

A child is considered to be constipated if they poo less than 3 times a week, however, every child is different and some need to go more frequently than others. Some children find passing the poo/stool painful and distressing and stools appear hard and pellet like.

Causes can sometimes include;

  • Poor diet or fluid intake

  • Medication

  • Illness

  • Avoidance or withholding a stool

  • Anxiety due to pain.

If your child has constipation it is important that they are seen by their GP.

Soiling is usually a symptom of constipation and requires treatment to remove the hardened poo in the bowel and to keep the bowel clear. It can also be simply be caused by inadequate wiping after using the toilet.

How we can help

School Nurses can:

* Offer support and advice to school age children and young people who have daytime wetting or soiling

* Offer advice to school staff  to manage a child’s continence difficulty in school

*Refer children and young people to specialist continence clinics [in some areas] or to their GP if necessary.

Our top tips

Follow our top tips for advice on promoting a healthy bladder and bowel.

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