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Long term health conditions

The School Nursing Service work in partnership with health professionals and other agencies to support children and young people with long term health conditions and physical and learning disabilities to enable them to access their education. 

Young child using an inhaler

Long-term conditions

Long-term conditions are health conditions that require ongoing management over a period of years.

Common long-term conditions in childhood include:

Around 10-15% of children under 16 are affected by chronic, long term health conditions.

Children and young people who have a long-term condition can be at risk of missing out on educational opportunities due to prolonged absences from school, from ill health or multiple appointments. It is therefore important that schools and School Nurses are aware of individual children’s health needs.

To ensure that children with health conditions are able to fully access school, many children have health care plans that have been written by Specialist Nurses or Consultants. School Nurses are also able to help develop care plans when needed.


Schools can get advice and example templates from the Department for Education website to help them to support children and young people with ongoing health needs. The document Managing Medicines in Schools and Early Year settings sets out a framework for schools and other agencies.

How we can help

School Nurses can:

Help develop day-to-day and emergency care plans for individual children in school.

Co-ordinate awareness sessions or training for staff

Offer advice around medicine management in schools.