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You may be curious about alcohol as you will have seen people drinking at home or in other places.

Lager tins on the floor with children playing in the backround

You may feel influenced by your friends but it is important to be aware of the risks involved so that you can make sensible choices.

It is recommended that young people under 15 years old do not drink alcohol as the liver is not fully developed and may be more likely to become damaged.

Research shows that the younger a person is when they start drinking alcohol, the higher the risk of alcohol related problems in later life. Apart from more obvious health risks, alcohol use can be a factor in truancy, youth offending and teenage pregnancy. Teenagers that have been drinking are more likely to get into risky situations such as getting involved in fights, unsafe sex, accidents and injuries.

You may also be worried about an adult who is drinking and you can find advice in the useful links section.