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Southern Health 70 years of the NHS; 1948 - 2018
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Transformation programme

On this page you will find regular updates on the transformation work taking place across the Trust, from training groups, staff involved in projects, service users driving different initiatives, as well as seeing outcomes and how you can get involved.

On the left hand side of the page you will find additional pages for each of the current quality improvement projects, with details of the work has taken place so far and interviews with some of the workshop attendees.

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Throughout 2018 Southern Health has been going through a period of substantial transformation, beginning with a focus on our approach to quality improvement. This has meant a shift in culture, in giving our employees the autonomy and confidence to make changes where they know that outcomes for patients can be improved, and involving our patients in developing these changes.

A vital part of this programme is the involvement of our service users, patients, their family members and carers. Those who receive our services are the experts in helping to make them more effective, and by working with the staff who deliver and develop those services, we can ensure the changes are real and sustainable. 

The transformation programme has seen a small number of staff take part in intensive quality improvement training, learning practical tools and methodologies that can be applied in all our services. These staff are now leading transformation projects and providing support and training to others, so that their knowledge and expertise is shared and used to deliver real change.




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Read blog posts from those involved in our projects

Contact the Transformation Team - if you want to find out more about transformation and quality improvement, email:

Read about the large scale quality improvement project with Solent NHS Trust to transform how people access and use community mental health service in Portsmouth and South East Hampshire

Transformation Conference

In November 2018 colleagues gathered to hear more about transformation and QI - the training, the projects so far, and what's next.