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Star Awards 2020

The 'Star Awards' is an annual reward and recognition scheme that has been designed to recognise teams and individuals, both clinical and non-clinical, who truly go beyond their call of duty and are passionate about providing the best possible service to people we care for. (The Patients and People First Award is nominated by the public and the other awards are nominated internally by colleagues across the Trust).  

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Announcing our finalists!

After receiving almost 500 entries earlier this year, judging then had to be put on hold, due to coronavirus, and the planned July 2020 ceremony was sadly cancelled. However, we were then delighted to announce our reinvigorated plans to celebrate the amazing achievements of our staff…via a virtual month-long Star Awards celebration!                                      

Instead of a physical ceremony this year, we digitally announced the winners of each of our 10 Star Awards categories – two per week starting from Monday 2 November and ending on Monday 30 November. This gave us the opportunity to celebrate our NHS staff across an entire month and encourage all Trust teams to join in the celebrations.  After all, it’s not just those that have been shortlisted who deserve our thanks, but all our staff who have gone the extra mile during this extraordinary year for the NHS. 

Arriving at the shortlist was incredibly difficult as our judges would have liked every heart-warming entry to have been recognised but decisions were made and we can announce (in no particular order):      

Shortlist for The Patients and People First Award

  • Havant Early Intervention in Psychosis Team, Portsmouth & South East Division
  • The Heart Failure Team, Waterlooville, Portsmouth & South East Division
  • Jane Collard, Mental Health, Antelope House, Southampton Division
  • Claire Walsh, Community Perinatal Team Leader, Melbury Lodge, Mid & North Division

And the winner is...Claire Walsh! Click here to view her response!


Shortlist for The Working in Partnership Award

  • Louise Timmins, Speech and Language Therapy, Learning Disabilities, Specialist Services Division
  • Caryn Carr, tissue viability nurse, South West Division
  • Hayley Stockford for the Restart Heart Campaign, Corporate Division
  • Family Nurse Partnership, Gosport, Specialist Services Division

And the winner is...Hayley Stockford! Click here to view her response!

Shortlist for The Quality Improvement Award

  • The Hawthorns 1 PICU Team, Parklands Hospital, Mid & North Division
  • Paul Thomas, Associate Director of Capacity & Flow, Corporate Division
  • The North Acute Mental Health Team, Mid & North Division
  • Katherine Janse van Vuuren, Medical Secretary, Ravenswood, Specialist Services Division

And the winner is...Hawthorns 1 PICU team! Click here to watch their response!

Shortlist for The Wellbeing Award

  • Dr Jo Spoors, Perinatal Consultant Psychiatrist, Perinatal Team, South West Division
  • The Southfield Psychology Team, Specialist Services Division
  • Cheryl Miller, Occupational Therapist, Romsey Integrated Community Team, South West Division
  • Vanessa Lawrence, Chaplain, Melbury Lodge, South West Division             
And the winner is...Cheryl Miller! Click here to watch her response!


Shortlist for The Safe Award

  • Gary Rollings, Capital Projects Manager, Estates Team, Corporate Division
  • Lauren Howlett, Discharge Facilitator, Acure Mental Health Team, Elmleigh, Portsmouth & South East Division
  • Catherine Siemaszko, School Nursing Assistant, School Nursing Team, Specialist Services Division
  • The Leigh House Nursing Team, Specialist Services Division
And the winner is....Lauren HowlettClick here to watch her response! 

Shortlist for The Innovation and Research Award

  • The South West Early Intervention in Psychosis Team, South West Division
  • Peter Phiri, Research Team, Corporate Division
  • Elizabeth Fenner, Antelope House, Southampton Division
  • Amy Donelan, Media & Communications Team, Corporate Division

And the winner is...the South West Early Intervention in Psychosis TeamClick here to watch their response!  

Shortlist for The Learner of the Year Award

  • Allison Charnock, Frailty Team, South West Division
  • Karolina Zajac, Admin Manager, Psychological Medicine, Southampton Division
  • Kim Lea, Heart Failure Team, Portsmouth & South East Division
  • Jessica Arnold, Community ISD, South West Division        

And the winner is...Kim Lea. Click here to watch her response and acceptance speech!


Shortlist for The Lifetime Achievement Award

  • Sandy Millard, Occupational Therapist in Learning Disabilities Team, Specialist Services Division
  • Karen Osola, ECT, Southampton Division
  • Diane Rogers, School Nurse in Fareham, Specialist Services Division
  • Gillian Bean, Team Secretary, AMH, South West Division         

  And the winner is...Sandy Millard. Click here to watch her reaction!

Shortlist for The Respecting Others Award  

  • Kerry Hall, Community Nurse, Petersfield, Portsmouth & South East Division
  • Nicola Howell, Carer Peer Support Worker, Portsmouth & South East Division
  • Izzy Bochel, Mental Health Nursing, Southampton Division
  • Jo McGee and the Older Persons’ Mental Health Team, Mid & North Division 

And the winner is...Jo McGee and the OPMH Team! Click here to watch their reaction.


Shortlist for The Chair and Chief Executive Award

  • The Petersfield and Borden Community Care Team, Portsmouth & South East Division
  • Bryony McGinty, Occupational Therapist, Andover ICT, Mid & North Division
  • Farrukh Kamal, Healthcare Support Worker, Antelope House, Southampton Division
  • The East Twilight Night Team, Rowans Hospice, Portsmouth & South East Division
  • Sheila Mellor, Volunteer, Parklands Hospital Garden, Mid & North Division

And the joint winners are...Farrukh and Bryony! Click here to see their reaction.

Congratulations to all those shortlisted and a HUGE thank you to everyone who nominated this year – you made the judges’ lives very difficult! 

Every shortlisted entry received a special ‘thank you’ box, made possible by the very generous sponsorship we received from the following organisations:

  • NHS Professionals (NHS staff bank partner)
  • Clares (office supplies partner) 
  • Kier (construction company partner for Ashford) 
  • Brighterway (our Trust charity) 
  • Diguru (print supplier).

Our thanks to them all for their support this year.



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Working in Partnership Award

This is based on our value partnership, a team/individual that provides the best service and in partnership.


Respecting Others Award

 This is based on one of our Trust values and is for an individual or team who you feel embodies our key value of respect.


      The Chair and Chief Executive Award 

This award is for an exceptional team or member of staff who delivers above and beyond what is expected of them. 


The Safe Award

This award recognises a person or team that have made improvements to safety. Including innovative use or development of equipment, processes or systems.


Innovation and Research Award        

Recognises an individual or team who has implemented an idea or innovative approach which has resulted in a measured or sustainable impact for the good of our service users, carers, staff and the Trust and/or the environment.
Lifetime Achievement Award 

An individual who has worked in the NHS for 25 years +  (and at Southern for over two years) and has made a significant contribution to NHS services.  


Learner of the Year

This category is designed to reward learners who have demonstrated outstanding achievements through undertaking a programme of learning.


Quality Improvement Award

This award recognises a person or team whose positive and focused approach has seen their idea successfully implemented to make a real difference to quality. 


         Wellbeing Award 

This recognises staff who have shown a commitment to creating opportunities to support and encourage each other to live healthier lifestyles.

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