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Governor elections - February 2019

We are an organisation passionate about delivering the best possible care across a diverse range of services, and currently have a vacancy for a Public Governor. Could this be the opportunity for you? 


Our vacancies are as follows:

Public Constituencies
Rest of England 1 seat
South East Hampshire 1 seat
Classes of the Staff Constituency
Southampton 1 seat
South East Hampshire 1 seat

Our Governors provide a vital link between local communities and the Trust Board, representing views and asking questions on behalf of local people, supporting patients and service users, and helping share Trust developments, as well as holding Non-Executive Directors to account.

Our existing Governors have played a strong role in recent years; sitting in on interview panels for new Board members, being involved in programmes of work that directly affect frontline services, and attending public events promoting the work of the Trust.

We are looking for people who are over 18, live in the North Hampshire area, and are interested in the NHS and representing the views of people in their local area.  

You will need to commit to serving a three year term, and attend four Council of Governors meetings a year, as well as any others you choose to get involved in.

In order to stand as a candidate, you do need to be a member of the Trust. If you are not already a member, you can register in a few minutes via this link.

The election is open for candidates to nominate themselves, and you have until 5pm on 27 February 2019. After nominations there may be a vote, after which the successful candidates will be announced. You can find out more by: