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Consultations past and present

Consultations give you the chance to help shape the way we provide our services in the future.

What is a public consultation?

All NHS Trusts have a statutory duty to make arrangements for engaging and involving patients and the public in the planning and delivery of services, and in the development of proposals to change services. 

Whenever we plan on making changes to our services, you'll be invited to give your ideas and feedback. 

Where change is considered substantial we have an additional duty to formally consult with Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee’s (HOSC). Engagement, involvement and consultation are all formal processes designed to ensure your voice is heard and taken into account wherever possible.

Listening to your opinions about the care we provide is important to us, as it helps us shape our healthcare services to meet your needs.

What happens after feedback is given?

Once all feedback has been collected, your comments will then be reviewed, alongside those of others, and where ever possible taken fully into account.

When decisions have been agreed, we will  do our very best to ensure everyone is updated and told of the changes, and as different ways of providing a service are put into place, we will review and monitor them to make sure they are still meeting your needs.

How long do consultations last?

If formal consultation is required there is a recognised period of 12 weeks. However, sometimes if earlier engagement and involvement can show that the majority of people are in favour of the change and if it is supported by other key people, it is not always necessary to consult formally or a shortened period of consultation can be agreed with the HOSC. 

How to get involved

We will always aim to advertise the fact we are looking at proposals to change services and we do this by talking to you face to face, talking to your carers, producing leaflets and other advertising methods. All these ways of bringing your attention to our proposals includes telling you how you can get involved. 

In most cases you can get involved by asking for a one to one meeting, asking for us to come to a group or meeting you've already planned, responding via our website, attending meetings in public that we will arrange, emailing us or telephoning us. 

We also try to make it as easy as possible for people to give written feedback and we provide a Freepost address for that purpose.

Write to us

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