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Southern Health Stars

Southern Health Stars is our monthly reward and recognition scheme that celebrates the fantastic work happening across the Trust!


Who can nominate?

Any member of Southern Health staff and any service user.

Who can be nominated?

Any member of Southern Health staff, any service user, any carer or volunteer that has contributed to service development.

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Nominations open the first three weeks of each month and judging will take place at the last senior management meeting of the month. If nominations have officially closed your submission will be submitted for the following month.

New nomination forms have been created and if you prefer to print a nomination form, please complete and either email to or post back via the internal mail or directly to People Development Team, 1-3 Sterne, Tatchbury Mount, Calmore, Southampton, SO40 2RZ. Generic form here and the EasyRead form here.

Please ensure you tick which value/s your nomination is based on and describe, in as much detail as possible, how your chosen nominee is modelling the behaviours that sit under the chosen value/s the nomination is based on.

Please note it is essential that you identify who the nominator and nominee are (e.g. staff or service user) as we require this for processing purposes. It is also very important that all nominations include an accurate work address for us to send the congratulations/thank you card.

We have added a new section on the nomination form “how did their actions make you feel?” – as well as highlighting how your nominee lives the Trust values, we would also like to gain an understanding of the compassion and recognition they have shown.

You may submit multiple nominations but you cannot nominate the same member of staff more than once in the same month (unless that member of staff is also part of a team nomination). Please ensure you only nominate one team or one person per form, using either the team's name or the individual's.

All nominations are based on how our staff are living and breathing our Trust values, with a focus on compassion and how the nominee's actions make them feel. All nominations will be judged against the behaviours that sit underneath them:

Patients and People First        
o Providing compassionate, safe care
o Listening to each other
o Doing the right thing
o Appreciating each other
o Delivering quality   
o Communicating clearly
o Supporting each other
o Working as a team
o Building relationships and making things happen
o Acting with honesty and integrity
o Respecting each other
o Taking responsibility
o Getting the best from our resources and doing what we say we will do 


All nominations will be collated and sent to the Exec team to be judged at the forth senior management meeting of the month where they will select an individual and a team winner.

The nominations are judged based on the behaviours that sit under the values. 

What happens if my nominee wins?       
The winners will be presented with a certificate, golden lanyard and a box of chocolates from our CEO Nick or a member of the Exec team. The winners will be publicised through our Trust

If you have any questions about Southern Health Stars please send us an e-mail or contact us on 023 80 874007.
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