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What we spend and how we spend it?

Annual reports and accounts    

Our Annual Reports and Accounts contain information on our Trust's expenditure and other financial information relating to:

  • Budgets and variance reports
  • Financial audit reports including our annual audit letters 
  • Our capital programme
  • Staff and Board members' allowances and expenses
  • Funding
  • Procurement; and
  • Contracts 
Standing Financial Instructions

Our Standing Financial Instructions include:

Information regarding how the Trust identifies and implements its financial responsibilities; and Information about our procurement and tendering procedures.



For further information on expenses, please look at the guidance set out in the  NHS Terms and Conditions of Service handbook that is located on the  NHS Employers' website. All expenses claims are made in accordance with this guidance.

Staff pay

The Trust follows the national  Agenda for Change structure with regards to  staff pay and grading structures. The Trust also publishes the number of employees by Agenda for Change grade in its  profile by pay band.

6. Threshold Report - June 19.xlsx

6. Threshold Report - June 19.xlsx
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