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Making a complaint

If you, or a service user you represent, have not received the level of service that you expect, we want to know about it. This helps us to rectify problems quickly and effectively.

As a Trust, we take complaints very seriously. All complaints are treated in confidence. We aim to resolve complaints quickly and fairly and will try to rectify any mistake or misunderstanding straight away.  It is helpful if you make a complaint as soon as possible after the event, in order to enable us to investigate the issues effectively. Complaints are not kept in healthcare records and will not affect ongoing or future treatment in any way.  


What happens when you make a complaint?

  • We will try to contact you to talk to you about your complaint or we will write to you and ask you to contact us so we can talk about the issues raised - this usually occurs within 3 working days
  • We will discuss whether it is suitable to arrange a meeting to discuss the issues
  • We will discuss how long it is likely to take in order to investigate and respond to the issues (complex issues may take up to 3 months) 
  • You will receive a formal response letter.
  • We will provide you with an explanation of the points you have raised, details of what we have found out and what we will be doing to put things right.  If there are some points that we do not agree with, you will be given reasons for this.
  • If the issues also involve another local NHS organisation or Local Authority, with your permission, we will work together to provide you with one response.


Complaints Leaflet
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