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Countdown to a Smokefree Trust

At Southern Health, we want to create a healthier environment for people using and working in our services by not permitting smoking in any building or on any grounds of the Trust's sites.

 Whilst Southern Health has been smoke free for many years, some Adult Mental Health and Older Person's Mental Health inpatient services have been granted exceptions. However, we have now committed for all sites to be Smokefree by Stoptober 2017 (1 October).

We understand that this will have a sizable impact on patients and staff using these inpatient services. In the lead up to becoming a completely smoke-free Trust, we are training our staff to be able to help people abstain from smoking whilst they are in our care, through care planning and the use of nicotine replacement therapies. Our smoking cessation service, Quit4Life, will also be available to those that want help to quit. You can find out more about our Quit4Life service here:

Did you know? Smoking remains the leading preventable cause of death, disease and health inequalities across the UK. Around one in five adults still smoke and children of smokers remain exposed to second hand smoke.

We want to reduce this risk by creating a smoke-free environment across all of our sites. This is in line with national guidance (NICE) who recommend all healthcare sites should be 100 per cent smoke-free. 

For more information about the Smokefree initiative and a range of resources, please visit:

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Visit the national Smokefree website

Find out more about Southern Health's smoking cessation service, Quit4Life