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Why not home? Why not today?

Getting you home safely and quickly is one of our key aims. However we also know that many patients and their families aren't sure how and when this will happen.

That is why the Trust is encouraging patients and their families to ask four simple questions:

  • Why am I in Hospital?
  • What is going to happen today to help me get home?
  • What do I or my family need to do to help me get home?
  • When is this going to happen? 
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Your doctor, nurse, or other health care professional can help answer these and explain everything so you are really clear of the situation.

For instance you might be in hospital because you have had a fall and the plan today is to help get you up and moving and a little more steady on your feet. We need you to be able to dress yourself and be confident walking unaided before we can discharge you. We think this might take a few more days.

Family and friends can play a big part in this so if you are visiting someone please make sure you bring them day clothes, a well fitting pair of shoes or slippers and any glasses or mobility aides you might use. All of these will help them get up, moving and returning home in no time at all.

Getting up and dressed can have a really positive effect as it helps maintain routine, speeds up recovery and ultimately helps patients get home quicker!

The more you stay in bed the more you lose strength and the longer it takes for you to get home. In fact, if you’re over 80 then just 10 days in hospital can lead to your muscles aging 10 years so it is really important that everyone knows what the plan is to get you home and how you and your family can help achieve that. 
Below are some links to the resources and our community hospitals. 

Patient/Family/Carer Resources

The section below is for patients and their families/carers. It includes links to our community hospitals, colleagues in Healthwatch and a downloadable version of the Why not home? Why not today? card available in our wards. 


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