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Getting financial help

A range of financial support is available to people who have a physical or mental disability, including benefits, tax credits, payments, grants and concessions.

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Whether you’re in employment or not, you may still be entitled to support. For full information about what you may be entitled to, you can check the Directgov website.

You can also contact your local Citizens Advice Bureau for more information about where to get financial advice.

Carer’s Allowance

Carer’s Allowance is a benefit provided by the Government to help you look after someone who has a physical or mental disability. You don’t have to be related to the person you care for, or live with them.

Our ‘caring for someone’ pages have more information about the support available to carers. You can also find out more about the allowance on the Directgov website.

Self-directed support

If you require extra support from social care services, you may be eligible for self-directed support. This type of support is about giving you more choice and control over the care you receive.

Your local council will help identify what your needs are and what could help make your life better. If you’re eligible, you may receive a Personal Budget which you can use for things like employing a support worker or personal assistant. 

Check the Hampshire County Council website for more information about self-directed support.

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