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Southern Health 70 years of the NHS; 1948 - 2018
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How we are governed

Board of Directors

The Board is made up of our Executive Directors and Non-Executive Directors. They’re responsible for our Trust’s performance and our plans for the future. They hold regular board meetings and anyone can attend the meetings held in public.

Equality and diversity committee

Council of Governors 

Our Council of Governors is the ‘voice’ of local people. Governors help the Trust make key decisions about our services and hold the Trust Board to account. Most of the Governors who make up our council are voted for by local people (members).

Members of the Trust

Anyone over the age of 14 (if you’re under 16, please check with a parent) can become a member of our Trust. Being a member means you can have your say about how we run our services. You can also elect Governors.


Our Constitution defines how the Trust’s governance arrangements work.  It sets out the rules by which the Trust Board and the Council of Governors operate.  Changes to the Constitution must be in line with current legislation, and require approval by the Board and the Council.

View the Southern Health Constitution.


All NHS Foundation Trusts are regulated by Monitor – an independent regulator who makes sure we manage our finances and leadership.

The care and treatment we provide is also regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). They make sure we meet government standards. 



Two of the core values of the NHS are accountability and transparency. In line with the NHS Standard Contract General Condition 27: Conflicts of Interest and Transparency on Gifts and Hospitality, the Trust holds a Register of Interests and a Register of Gifts and Hospitality enabling all staff to be as open as possible and declare any actual or potential conflict of interest, and any accepted gift and/or hospitality, including sponsorship.

Register of Interests - The Register of Interests enables all staff to be as open as possible and declare any actual or potential conflict of interest. It is the responsibility of all staff to ensure that they are not placed in a position which risks, or appears to risk, conflict between their private interests and their NHS duties.

Register of Gifts and Hospitality - All staff who are offered and/or accept a gift or hospitality, regardless of value, are required to make a declaration within the Trust’s Register of Gifts and Hospitality.  This includes any gifts or hospitality associated with study leave, conferences (in or out of the country) and internal events being held in Trust premises.

Register of Staff Interest 2018-19

Register of Gift, Hospitality & Sponsorship 2018-19

Register of Staff Interest 2017-18

Register of Gift, Hospitality & Sponsorship 2017-18

In addition the Trust holds a Register of Interests for the Board of Directors and Council of Governors. These are made available to the public via the on the Trust’s website and available for inspection via the Corporate Governance Office at or: 

Tatchbury Mount
Sterne 7
SO40 2RZ 

Meet our Board

Find out about our Executive and Non-Executive Directors who make up our Trust Board

Get involved - become a member

Are you passionate about your local healthcare? Being a member means you play an active role in our Trust