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Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust

Non-Executive Directors

 David Monk, Non-Executive Director

  • is a Director and co-founder of Symmetric, an organisation specialising in Systems Thinking and System Dynamics Modelling across the public sector.

  • continues to be a significant contributor to mental health networks in England and has co-authored a number of papers on Care Pathways and Mental Health Strategy.
  • with nearly 30 years' experience either in or alongside the NHS, David has a track record of partnership working including experience of involving patients and the public in major planning decisions, particularly where this has led to a major reorientation of capacity and demand.
  • his ongoing portfolio includes the continued facilitation of a number of Mental Health CEO and Medical Director networks across different regions in England.
  • continues to Chair the Lambeth Living Well Collaborative; a focus on better care through collaboration.
  • recently led the award winning London EIP Programme and is now facilitating the New Models of Care forensic strategy for South London.
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