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Training and Development

Education Department

Essential training is made up of statutory (by law) and mandatory (Trust policy) training elements that all staff must complete. Every member of staff will have an online personal training record which is shared with a line manager to identify which essential training courses are appropriate for which roles.

There are a variety of ways in which staff can complete training at Southern Health.  We offer e-learning resources, e-assessments, declaration statements and class based courses. We can even passport your training from other approved organisations according to the Core Skills Training framework.

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Clinical Education supports the ongoing professional development of all our clinical staff and ensures that our health care professionals have the right knowledge, skills, confidence and competence to provide the best possible care.

Clinical education is provided by a team of qualified staff using a range of educational approaches to deliver up-to-date and evidence based training to ensure the best clinical outcomes for patients.

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The Vocational Centre offers various developmental opportunities for staff working within Southern Health. Whether you are beginning your career or looking to improve your skills and knowledge, you can rely on us for a professional and reliable training/educational experience throughout which you are fully supported. We provide a variety of courses including emotional intelligence, minute taking, study skills and many more. Additionally we also provide a range of qualifications including The Care Certificate, Apprenticeships including Degree level (Nursing, Nursing Associate, Business & Administration etc.), Award in Education & Training and many more.

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The Learning Environment Team is a dedicated team providing professional guidance and support to all clinical learners within Southern Health. Our role is to improve the learning environment, so that all learners benefit along with the teams and services.  We have Learning Environment Leads and Practice Educators who provide training and advice to those that support students. We liaise with University Partners, and support newly qualified staff through Preceptorship and return to practice schemes.   We ensure that the learning environment is conducive to learning, to enhance the experience and ensure high quality care.

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The Leadership Education and Development team also supports professionals with revalidation, personal development and career progression through educational opportunities such as a Masters pathway and opportunities for involvement in research and audit.

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Learning Beyond Registration (LBR) Bands 5-9:

Centre for Professional Development (CfPD):

Nurse Revalidation :

Doctors Revalidation:

The Hampshire Healthcare Library Service is readily accessible to ensure you find the information you need quickly and easily.  Make use of the library service to ensure that all that you do is evidence based.

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Medical Education

The Medical Education department in Southern Health is engaged in the promotion of our patients’ and carers’ wellbeing, through the fostering of holistic evidence-based medical enquiry, curiosity, interest, empathy and wisdom in our medical students, junior doctors; as well as doctors once qualified, whether consultants or speciality doctors. We aim to foster a learning environment, in line with the GMC ‘Promoting Excellence’ strategy, in all teams, to ensure that our doctors in training feel valued, supported by teams, by seniors; have protected time for reflection, teaching and enjoy learning. We see the promotion of psychological-mindedness and team-working skills as central to the well-rounded and resilient doctor in the modern NHS.

The undergraduate medical education (UGME) department is a vibrant team made up of tutors, learning facilitators and administration staff, co-ordinating the education and training programme for undergraduate medical students on psychiatry placement within the Trust. The Trust currently hosts 4th year medical students on psychiatry placement from Southampton University and Grenadian students from St George’s University. In addition, an undergraduate tutor coordinates Southampton medical student placements in Lymington hospital, for a medicine focused training experience. Inspections of the UGME team in 2018 by both Southampton and St George’s Universities as well as the GMC, highlighted excellent student feedback on all measures of learning, experience, governance and interest fostered.

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The postgraduate medical education team, consisting of psychiatry, psychotherapy, medical and palliative care clinical tutors and a postgraduate manager and administration staff, co-ordinates the education of doctors in training and specialty /associate specialist doctors within Southern Health. The team also co-ordinates the Core Psychiatry and Psychiatry Core Skills training programmes for junior doctors on the Wessex rotation. An inspection by the GMC in 2018 highlighted how well supported junior doctors felt by the Trust, in terms of pastoral support, protected time for supervision and training, good induction, practice support, and education team approachability and responsiveness to need.

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The Centre for Professional Development organises a programme of continuing professional development courses and events to support qualified staff to develop and update the knowledge and skills required to support  them in their clinical and professional practice.

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