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Safer Staffing Returns

From June 2014 all hospitals are required to publish information about the number of nurses and support workers that work each shift, together with the percentage of shift meeting safe staffing guidelines.

Nurse doing paperwork

The safer staffing returns provide details of staffing levels at all inpatient wards within Southern Health.

Data is split by registered and unregistered nursing staff (care support workers), for day and night shifts, and also by ward. For each staff group and shift, the return details the number of hours that are planned to be worked and the number of hours that were actually worked in the month including any temporary workers.

From these two figures a fill rate can be calculated to show staffing levels, and is shown in the right hand four columns on each sheet. A score of 100% means that all hours that were planned were filled and worked by staff. Where the fill rate is less than 100%, it means that fewer hours were worked than planned, for example due to staff sickness absence. Where the percentage fill rate is above 100%, more hours were worked than were planned. This could, for example be where a patient requires additional support and care.