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Safe Staffing Levels

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All Trusts are required to publish information on nursing staffing levels in ward based clinical areas, together with the percentage of shifts that meet safe staffing guidelines.

We aim to provide high quality, safe services which improve the health, wellbeing and independence of the people we serve, and as part of ensuring that we get it right, we launched the Safe Staffing Project.  This project uses evidence based tools and methods to build an accurate picture of the shape and size of our workforce, allowing us to better understand our staffing levels and adjust them accordingly. 

As part of this each ward in the Trust also display’s a “Ward Staffing Today” poster showing the planned and actual numbers of staff on shift each day, which is located in an area that can clearly be seen by patients, visitors and staff.

Safer Staffing Monthly Reports for 2019


Safer Staffing Monthly Reports for 2020:

Safer Staffing Monthly reports for:



Safer Staffing Monthly reports for:


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