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Southern Health 70 years of the NHS; 1948 - 2018
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Safeguarding children

Whether we look after children directly or come into contact with children on a regular basis, we have a duty to keep those children safe.

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The Safeguarding team includes specialist professionals who lead on all aspects of the health service contribution to safeguarding children, including Children who are in Care and Child Protection.

Our safeguarding team:

  • Provide professional advice, guidance and support on safeguarding and child protection to health professionals. We also link with partner agencies, such as Local Authority Children's Services Departments and the Hampshire Safeguarding Children's Board (HSCB)

  • Promote good professional practice which safeguards and promotes the welfare of children and their families

  • Promote, develop and deliver the safeguarding training

  • Support the Trust’s clinical governance role by ensuring safeguarding issues are part of the governance system

  • Conduct case reviews and ensure that any lessons learnt are implemented.

  • Promote the health and wellbeing of Children in Care through contact and health assessments.  


Following the death of Baby Peter, the Healthcare Commission carried out a detailed survey of child protection arrangements across the country. The report made clear that whilst most Trusts have the right people and systems in place for safeguarding children, there are still areas where improvements need to be made.

We are committed to ensuring that we always look for ways of improving the safeguarding service we provide.

Below you will find the Trust's predecessor organisations  declaration of assurance against the safeguarding requirements that as a minimum, Boards should assure themselves against.