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Please note that we are currently unable to run any training sessions due to the coronavirus pandemic.  

Many of our team had been redeployed to other areas of the Trust during March - July and we are now regrouping and working on how we can continue with some of the training options going forward.  

If you are interested in any of our courses, please do email us as we may be able to accommodate your requirements in another way.  


If you are new to QI and want to find out more about it, then attend one of our "Introduction to QI". 

It will give you an overview into QI at Southern Health, the concept, theory and be a good starting point to lead you into either the bitesize training courses, team training or QI facilitator training. 

Course dates and venues will be available soon but do get in touch so we can let you know when and we will be running this course. 

Contact the QI Team

5 day course - Ideal for those wishing to run workshops for QI and support the Trust.

Those interested in this training will need to be nominated by their division and have the full backing of their line manager as it is a commitment to embed QI into divisions and you will be required to support this after the course. 

Contact the QI Team for further information.

Contact the QI Team

Two hour and four hour training courses are available, that will improve your understanding of quality improvement and enable you to start making your own your in their teams

Ideal if you have certain things you want to look at within your team to get sorted. 

Booking available via LEAD

A 1 day introduction to QI concepts delivered to a team – this interactive fun packed session is guaranteed to make your team think differently and see how Quality Improvement can help them in delivering the quality of service that they strive for.

Ideal if you want your whole team to be more aware of QI and start using it to improve services.

Contact the QI Team to discuss your requirements and book someone to come out to speak with your team. 

Contact the QI Team

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