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Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust

Quality Improvement Conference - Virtual - 20 October 2020 - 9am - 4.30pm

Compassion as a Compass for Improvement

This conference has now passed.  

We had an incredible day and would like to thank all those who attended, presented, told their story, contributed to the video, facilitated the workshops and organised the technology.  

We will be posting the presentations and videos of the sessions in the next week, so please check back here.


In the meantime we would really appreciate your feedback, please complete our online form:

Presentation slides 

Goran Hendriks, Chief Executive, Qulturum, Sweden.  

Awaiting slides from Goran.  

bev matthews.jpg
Bev Matthews, Clinical Transformation Lead for NHS Horizons 

Awaiting slides from Bev

Nicoline Vackerberg, International Lead for Esther Networks, Qulturum, Sweden 

Awaiting slides from Nicoline 

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