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Improving the recruitment process

Improving the recruitment process

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This project aims to identify improvements that will make the recruitment process quicker and more effective for everyone involved.

"To develop an efficient and effective recruitment process that generates positive feedback from all parties"

The recruitment process is one that previously could be frustrating and cause delays for the staff recruiting and for potential candidates, which created an ideal opportunity to make significant improvement.

The team were able to gather data from various sources, to capture people's experiences from every stage of the process and map what is involved at every step, to determine where there were waiting times or repeated actions that could be improved.

During the Rapid Process Improvement Workshop a number of areas for improvement were identified, with two key changes; removal of the Recruitment Action Panel (RAP) process and removal of repeated processes that equate to a reduction in recruitment of a new staff member taking 13 weeks to only eight weeks.  

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