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Kingsley Ward - reducing incidents and improving safety

Kingsley Ward - reducing incidents and improving safety

This project was aimed at creating an environment where everybody feels safe and supported, both staff and patients alike.

"To improve the experience for service users, carers and staff when violence and aggression happens. To provide a therapeutic environment and provide that reduces the incidents of violence and aggression and improves the feeling of safety."

During the initial 12 week research period, the team carried out numerous observations on Kingsley Ward, speaking with staff and patients about their experiences. They tracked staff activity over different time periods, to see how far they were travelling during their regular duties, where time was most spent, how often processes were carried out, and for what benefit.

This data was then examined and discussed during the week long Rapid Process Improvement Workshop in September 2018. Staff were released to be able to spend as much time as possible at the workshop, and it was also attended by previous patients and their carers too.

An ideas tree was created with suggestions for various improvements, with so many that the tree itself became invisible - as you can see from the picture above! At the end of the week the group had created an action plan with many changes already implemented.

The success of this project has been phenomenal, and has hinged on the buy in from staff at all levels from the ward, as well as patients and their carers, and being given the time and power to make the changes. A key action was to stop the 30 minute observations of each patient which occupied one member of staff per shift. This simple change has released a lot of time and had a huge impact, with staff and patients quickly reporting they had more time for therapeutic contact and felt happier.
Ward manager Lou Salmon has been vocal about the positive changes on Twitter, as you can see here in a tweet from September 2018:

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