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Transforming our services

On this page you will find regular updates on the transformation work taking place across the Trust, from training groups, staff involved in projects, service users driving different initiatives, as well as seeing outcomes and how you can get involved.

We have just published our Quality Improvement Strategy for 2019-2024

We are currently going through a period of substantial transformation, beginning with a focus on our approach to quality improvement.

This means shifting the culture of decision making, giving our employees the autonomy and confidence to make changes themselves where they know that outcomes for patients can be improved.

A vital part of this programme is the involvement of our service users, patients, their family members and carers. Those who receive our services are the experts in helping to make them more effective, and by working with the staff who deliver and develop those services, we can ensure the changes are real and sustainable.

We, along with the whole NHS, are at a point where significant changes is required.  With an increasing population and people experiencing more complex conditions than ever before, staff are under an increasing amount of pressure. It is widely recognised that existing ways of working will not be sustainable, and will no longer enable us to give the best outcomes for our patients.

We embarked on a period of substantial transformation in late 2017. We wanted to learn from best practice seen in other NHS Trusts and implement some of these successes locally, as well as build on the excellent work already taking place within our own organisation. We are always striving to improve and the challenge was to make this real and sustainable change.
We have been working on a number of transformation projects - take a look at the progress we have made. 
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